Save $13.59 on a year of Xbox Live Gold at Amazon

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Good morning everyone, and prepare for a standard PSA. Amazon has a sale on Xbox Live Gold memberships that is quite beneficial to people who want to be a member of that ever so elite Xbox Live Gold Brigade and do stuff like play games online against friends or use Netflix. Essentially, the $59.99 12 month subscription is temporarily $46.40.

If you want to generalize, you’re saving $13.59. That’s what happens when you take 23% off the price. That doesn’t seem like much, but it’s more than enough to get a new downloadable game off of Xbox Live. Look hard enough and you may even be able to find a new or used Xbox 360 game for that price. I know you could definitely find a good, original, backwards-compatible Xbox game for around $13.50. No matter how you look at it, it’s substantial.

This sale applies to both physical cards and online game codes. You can pay $46.40 and either have a 12 month Xbox Live Gold subscription code emailed to you or you could have the card sent via regular mail. It may be a good opportunity to grab some Xbox Live Gold cards for friends’ gifts and grab one online code for yourself so you can all play together once winter comes. I’d act fast though, as Amazon hasn’t said how long this sale will last.

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