Animal Crossing 3DS LL is delightfully subtle

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There are two kinds of limited edition Nintendo handhelds sold in Japan. The first group are tasteful and cool, with either subtle designs or something that manages to be eyecatching without being garish. The second contains the handhelds that are cool just because they’re “limited,” and not because the design is inherently awesome. Fortunately, the just announced Animal Crossing: Jump Out 3DS LL (that’s XL to those outside Japan) falls into the former category and as you can see from the image above, is extremely stylish.

The Animal Crossing: Jump Out 3DS LL bundle will be released on November 8, 2012 in Japan, the same day as the game. Which is pretty appropriate, given the bundle includes the limited edition 3DS LL and a copy of the game. The lid is decorated with iconic Animal Crossing symbols, such as the house, a record, an apple and Tom Nook’s leaf. All if it is yours for just ¥22,800 (~$291). It, like all 3DS units, is region-locked naturally.

While you could always import this Animal Crossing 3DS LL and make it your import 3DS for all those games that will never be released outside of Japan, I don’t recommend it unless you can understand Japanese. See, Animal Crossing can be a very text heavy game what with one of the focuses being on interacting with neighbors, and given how Animal Crossing: Jump Out also makes players their towns’ mayors, there’s probably a lot more reading than usual.

You’ve probably noticed that this announcement marks another special moment in the 3DS Animal Crossing‘s history – the game now has an official game. We can now go ahead and refer to it as Animal Crossing: Jump Out and have everyone understand what game we’re talking about, instead of having to tag 3DS onto the end of the title every time. Also, we’ll see Animal Crossing: Jump Out outside Japan in 2013.

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