Octodad sequel in the works, currently on Steam Greenlight

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The original Octodad was a quirky adventure game where you played as an octopus trying to pass off as a human father, going about the day doing chores around the house, trying to not get caught by secret agents that wish to uncover your identity as a rogue cephalopod.

What made the game so unique was it’s crazy control scheme. It took a QWOP style approach to controls by having each limb be controlled by moving the mouse and pressing the left and right mouse buttons.

It was a fairly difficult game, especially when your suction cups started grabbing things and tossing them across the room in front of the secret agents.

The developers, Young Horses, are currently in the process of developing a sequel, called Octodad, Dadliest catch. According to the press release, the sequel revolves around a trip to the aquarium, trust issues with the wife, and the origins of Octodad.

Judging from the teaser and gameplay trailer, there’s the usual Octodad hallmarks of difficult controls, and the flailing about while trying to accomplish simple tasks.

The teaser trailer reveals potential platforming elements that has a potential to frustrate players with an already difficult control scheme. The developers also promise new physics objects to play around with, such as jointed objects and springs.

The gameplay trailer shows a different art style with much smoother graphics from the original, as well as a smooth moving Octodad walking through a church.

The game is currently on Steam Greenlight right now and, judging from the positive user comments, the game has a good chance of being greenlit, so be on the lookout for this one in the future.

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