Atlus brings North America some Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan magic in 2013

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A new entry in one of the most lauded 3DS games is now confirmed for North America. As difficult as Etrian Odyssey is, people have accepted that and grown to love the dungeon crawler that proclaims its love old-school RPGs. Naturally, Atlus would pick up Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan and release it outside of Japan.

Each Etrian Odyssey game sends players and their parties of custom characters into a massive dungeon with a blank maps and the potential to reach the end and chart their journey. However, each one also offers new classes, modes of transport and other gameplay options that keep things fresh. For Etrian Odyssey IV, the new method of travel is via skyship. It’s like an airship, and hopping in one allows you to explore the area around the main town. Classes haven’t been revealed yet, but it looks like we still have a standard warrior, some kind of tank, a healer, at least one variety of mage and a dancer.

There are two more important things to point about Etrian Odyssey IV the first is that it will look slightly different. Monsters are now rendered in full 3D. Previous games had parties attacked by 2D beasties. A new difficulty level has been introduced as well, called Casual mode, which is supposedly less demanding than the standard difficulty level.

At the moment, Etrian Odyssey IV doesn’t have a solid release date. It only has a 2013 release window. There’s also no price point yet, but expect to pay around $39.99.

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