Good games based on kid flicks are hard to find, too

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Lego Luke

Historically, the translation of a movie into a game has been challenging to say the least. Though there may have been a few exceptions through the years, the vast majority have received fair to poor reviews. Take two games based on recent movies for instance, Lnks title=”Spiderman 3″>Spiderman 3 . Both movies were great but, for whatever reason, the games fall short of the glory of their big screen counterparts. And it’s not just that great games can’t be made out of these types of ideas. Look at the Lnks title=”Lego Star Wars”>Lego Star Wars series. But hey, you don’t have to take my word for it. Download the demos or rent Lnks title=”Ratatouille”>Ratatouille , or Lnks title=”‘lil poison'”>lil poison? Let’s just say if you see this kid on-line, you may want to ask him to be on your team.

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