League of Legends Championship marred by cheating allegations, technical issues

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The League of Legends Season Two Championship has experienced a few unfortunate issues.

On the third day of the tournament (October 6, 2012), there were numerous connection problems.  Matches and streaming stopped and started several times. The temptation not to look at the giant screens streaming matches was reportedly too much for a lot of players.  Thus, they got a peek at where opposing players were on the map.

Semifinal matches will be rescheduled. The final round, with a $1 million prize for the winning team, is slated for Saturday, October 13, 2012.  Riot Games’ Vice President of eSports, Dustin “RedBeard” Beck, took to the League of Legends forums to apologize.

There were a lot of allegations as to who saw what and how it might impact matches. Beck specifically addressed two games.

In the game between TSM and Azubu, there was a microphone outage for Azubu that hampered communications.  Riot opted to pause the game. The mic outage alone could have warranted a restart. There were concerns about screen looking during the pause. Both teams got warnings.

During the game between Team WE and CLG. eu, footage clearly shows a player turning his head. After Riot reviewed the footage, officials believe the head turn was in response to a loud horn played in the crowd. Beck also addressed the concerns that outages may not have been accidental. Riot has found no evidence that any outside factor interrupted play.

Here’s hoping the continuation of the championship goes more smoothly.

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