Death Dome from Griptonite Games releases on Google Play

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If you had ever listened to the GamerTell Cast, you probably heard my opinion on Glu Mobile. Even though I think Glu Mobile produces some of the best looking and most entertaining games for Android, I absolutely loath its monetization methods. I vowed to ignore every free-to-play game Glu Mobile churns out, but I’ve realized that’s not fair to you all. It’s up to you to decide if you want to play into Glu’s system. I’m just your humble messenger. That being said, let me introduce you to a new Android game called Death Dome.

Death Dome is being sold under Griptonite Games, but it’s basically a Glu Mobile joint. This game is very similar to Blood and Glory with the exception of its premise. Something called the M virus has mutated citizens of Palamira into hideous mutants. You play as a woman named Phoenix who has to kill all the Behemoth mutants within the Death Dome.

Death Dome uses a combat style that’s inspired by Infinity Blade and an art style that’s reminiscent of Borderlands. There will be parrying, dodging and blocking during every fight. To its credit, Death Dome works smooth on my Nexus 7, but the slashing actions aren’t exactly 1:1.

Now, keep in mind Glu Mobile has its hands in this. Be prepared to have a lot of fun at first, but eventually reach a point where progression become very difficult without spending real money. I’m not talking about $1 purchases either. Glu Mobile has a tendency to go after the big bucks. Fair warning.

Download Link [Google Play]

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