Diablo Game Boy version could have been a reality

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Diablo and its sequels are by far some of the best action RPGs and they have certainly set the basis for just about every other hack and loot RPG. The PC exclusive games have sold millions of copies, but Blizzard Entertainment at one point thought about bringing the series to another platform. And it’s not the one you would expect.

After the release of Diablo II, Blizzard had considered bringing the series to the Game Boy Color and the Game Boy Advance systems. Tentatively called, Diablo Junior, the game would have been released alongside the Lord of Destruction expansion.

David Craddock, the author of the upcoming book Stay Awhile and Listen which chronicles the making of the series, describes its Pokemon style release. There would have been three different games one each featuring a different hero following a warrior, rouge and a sorcerer. Only certain items could be traded between games and character would start off in unique cities according to their character class.

What ultimately stopped the product from becoming a reality? Production costs became too steep for the company and they decided to scrap the whole project instead.

Putting the Diablo series on a handheld system would have been interesting to see. Whether or not it would’ve been successful is difficult to say. All of the different possibilities are floating through my head at what could’ve been if this game actually managed to be released. If they decided to come out with a handheld version now I would fully support it. Especially with the more improved handheld systems out there Blizzard would have more room for applying the game’s addictive formula. A man can dream, though.

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