Jet Set Radio for Vita pushed back because it needs extra love

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If you’re looking forward to Jet Set Radio for the Vita, you’ll have to look forward to it a little longer. The enhanced port of the Dreamcast hit, which included a handful of new features, was supposed to appear on the PlayStation Store on October 16, 2012. That isn’t going to happen. Sega’s pushed back the game for quality control reasons.

Basically, Jet Set Radio Vita needs a little more love. Sega’s official stance is that it needs “development optimizations.” I guess it wasn’t working the way the company wanted. I guess that’s understandable though. The Vita version did have some updates the PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows versions didn’t. There are touch screen controls, for example, and people can take pictures to make custom graffiti. It’s better to hold the game back for a short while rather than release a buggy version.

Sega hasn’t said when the portable version of Jet Set Radio will appear. There’s no new launch date, or even new launch window. It’s disappointing, but we’ll just have to be patient and deal with it.

I just wonder why Sega couldn’t tell us about this delay earlier. Obviously, the company had to know Jet Set Radio Vita wasn’t ready yet. Why wait until the day it was supposed to be released to announce a delay? Get on top of things Sega.

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