Close up with the Wreck-It Ralph tour featuring Fix-It Felix, Jr. arcade game

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I attended the Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) Wreck-It Ralph tour of the arcade cabinet version of the Fit-It Felix, Jr. game featured in the upcoming Disney movie.

This is one of countless stops for the seven arcade cabinets which were playable at E3 2012. The single cabinet at this event will be at the same location (Arcade Legacy) for one more day before it moves on to Columbus, Cleveland. and beyond. There was also a table with some pretty nice Wreck-It Ralph movie posters and temporary tattoos. A few oversized vinyl banners were also placed through out the arcade featuring characters from the upcoming film.

The other six Fix-It Felix, Jr. cabinets are similarly making way across various areas of the country but it seems that specific locations are not set in stone so Disney is afraid to make solid announcements. That means you’ll need to listen to local radio stations and check online to see where the cabinets might next appear. I did catch a quick glimpse of the location sheet and I saw Denver, Memphis and a few other cities listed with “TDB” for the specific location (but I’ll keep my ear to the rails to see what I can find out so I post a more “solid” list).

Since there was only one cabinet at this event, the line was pretty long (maybe 20 people when I got there) and it hardly moved for the hour plus I was there. I saw two people the game with the second clearly commanding the cabinet, clearing 100,000 points before I left. The local arcade hosting the event (Arcade Legacy) promised a prize to the top scorer so there was a lot of incentive to do well. That also means I didn’t get a chance to put fingers to buttons and I bet no one there gave the two-player mode a look in fear of losing their spot and potential high score. I did get to watch a lot of the action, though.

The Fix-It Felix, Jr., arcade cabinet was colored and purposefully scuffed to help give it that old, ’80s cabinet effect. Sitting next to a Ms. Pac-Man machine it was clear that the art was a little clearer than a machine of that era would be but it was a nice effort. Although I have to admit it wounded me a little inside to see Disney art ripped. They also put in a fake “1982” copyright on the cabinet and I was told that the game also included a potential discrepancy where the game was listed as being from 1983.

The Fix-It Felix, Jr. arcade game (credit to company “TobiKomi”) is pretty close to the iOS version where you play as Fit-It Felix, Jr. who, wielding an (magical?) axe, fixes windows as a cranky Wreck-It Ralph tosses bricks at him. It’s very – and purposefully – reminiscent of 1980s arcade games Super Mario Bros. and Elevator Action.

In the game you can move in the four basic directions (up, down, left and right) as well as perform a simple jump to get from ledge to ledge to fix all the broken windows by pressing a “Fix” button that swings an axe. A glowing pie periodically appears on a window ledge that, when Felix grabs it, makes his helmet glow which allows Ralph’s bricks to pass through. Ducks – very similar to those in Duck Hunt – also fly by, adding additional moving obstacles. As the game progresses, Ralph tosses more bricks and more ledges appear that prevent Felix from moving.

The one gamer I watched played for an hour had not found a pattern, so kudos to both him for surviving for who knows how long and the game developers even though he was well able to last quite a long time with out a hit. He also mentioned that mastering the “jump” was key and a bit laggy (perhaps intentionally). If you check out the photos you’ll notice that he took a kneeling position in front of the cabinet, likely to stay more relaxed and cut back on some of the glare from surrounding cabinets.

When I left he had bested the previous high score by more than 20,000 points but I’m waiting to get that person’s final score so I can post it here (so do check back).

As for the fate of these cabinets, it is likely they will be held for a similar tour to promote the home video release. After that, it’s unknown  their fate but I’m hoping they will at least make way to the Disney parks.

Site [Wreck-It Ralph] Site [Arcade Legacy]

All photos by PJ Hruschak for GamerTell.

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  • Luke G.

    Does this arcade game include the opening sequences from the movie one? For instance, Ralph settling down into his stump, said stump being shoved to the dump, the building construction, and his subsequent outburst of “I’m gonna wreck it!”?

    Also, does it include those introductory speech clips for Ralph, Felix Jr., and the Nicelanders?

    Thanks! Nice write-up!