Get in the Halloween spirit by supporting the Chucky: Wanna Play? Kickstarter

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We just heard about Obsidian Entertainment’s uber successful Project Eternity Kickstarter. I think it’s time we moved onto something new. Hey, look! Tik Games has just put up the Chucky: Wanna Play? Kickstarter! The gist is, TikGames wants to make a game starring our favorite, homicidal doll Chucky, but needs crowd-support funding to get it done. The game has already been in development for a year and a half, but TikGames needs a little extra oomph to get it done.

For a game that’s so far along in development, TikGames is asking for a lot of money. It says it needs $925,000 to get things done. It now has until November 14, 2012 to try and make that happen. Fortunately, it is offering a number of rewards to help encourage people’s generous nature.

There are a number of reward tiers providing incentives to people willing to pledge between $15 and $10,000. Come in on the low-end and you’ll get a download of Chucky: Wanna Play? a week early. People willing to kick in more money can get extra copies of the games, access to developer blogs, strategy guides, free PC, PSN or XBLA games, t-shirts, copy of the Child’s Play movies, a Good Guy doll and a chance to attend the launch party. There’s a lot to look through, so check the official Chucky: Wanna Play? Kickstarter page for all tier details.

I’ll be honest – I’m not backing this Kickstarter. Chucky: Wanna Play? doesn’t seem like a bad idea. I’d probably try the game once it’s finished. Something just strikes me as off when a game needs that much Kickstarter money when it’s already been in development for 18 months. Some of the rewards are pretty nice, but it’s just not for me. Will you fund it?

Site [Chucky: Wanna Play? on Kickstarter]

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