Pikmin 3 release delayed until 2013

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Do you see those happy Pikmin up there? Wave goodbye, because you won’t be seeing them for a while. Nintendo may have promised people Pikmin 3 within the Wii U launch window, but that promise has been revoked. During Nintendo’s latest Iwata Asks discussion, a footnote revealed the game’s release has been pushed back.

This delay doesn’t even keep Pikmin 3 in the the three-month launch window Nintendo has for the Wii U. The new release window is Spring 2013. That’s Q2 2013, for people who keep track of it that way. In previous announcements, Nintendo suggested the Wii U game launch library includes games released between November 18, 2012 and January 2013 and said that Pikmin 3 would be available sometime in that release window.

This is a serious knock to the Wii U launch lineup. Pikmin 3 is one of the most hyped Nintendo games for the new console. Granted, the launch window still contains Game & Wario,New Super Mario Bros. U, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, Nintendo Land, SiNG Party, Wii Fit U and The Wonderful 101. Nintendo still has a strong presence. In fact, perhaps this delay will actually help Game & Wario and The Wonderful 101 do better.

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