Skylanders Giants walk the earth on October 19, 2012

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It seemed all would be well in the Skylands after the original Skylanders. Kaos was beaten. The Skylanders warriors had returned and the darkness was driven back. Of course, Kaos did say he’d be back, but that’s just the way of video game villains. Then again, it was true, as it’s Skylanders Giants time. The PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and 3DS sequel will be in stores tomorrow on October 19, 2012. It’s battling time!

The premise remains the same. Players are Portal Masters who place the Skylanders figures on the Portal of Power peripheral to make them appear in Skylanders Giants. They then go through various areas, helping people in need and making the Skylands safe. Doing so earns points, which can be used to upgrade figures. All existing Skylanders figures will work with Skylanders Giants, and will keep all the powers and levels earned while playing the previous game. Not to mention there are eight new Giant Skylanders, one of whom comes with every copy of Skylanders Giants and eight standard Skylanders. On top of that, some of the existing Skylanders figures are being rereleased in new LightCore forms which light up when placed on the portal.

Those ready to take on the challenge of thwarting new evil and protecting the Skylands, you have two options. Newcomers will need to grab the Skylanders Giants Starter Kit for $74.99 so they can get the game, the portal peripheral and the Cynder, Jet-Vac and Tree Rex figures. Returning Portal Masters can go with the $59.99 Skylanders Giants Portal Owner Pack that just gives you the game and Tree Rex.

Call me crazy, but I’m ridiculously excited. The original Skylanders surprised me with how much fun it was, and I can not wait to get into Skylanders Giants. Of course, that also means the weekly Skylanders figure hunt is on again. Time to store-stalk!

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