iPad gaming update for October 22, 2012

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iPad Mini (Nano) event confirmed for October 23, 2012? Looks that way, though I still argue the use of rainbow colors is a call back to the retro Apple logo possibly hinting at new iMacs.

The new iMacs would certainly be welcome news seeing as how is offering Mac support. For now, you’ll have to deal with your old over-sized iPads to play this week’s games.

Don’t Look Back is a free retro-styled platforming game that will test the limits of your willpower. Fair warning: You will die a lot. If you can look past that, the game is actually pretty fun despite being a “trial run” for creator Terry Cavanagh’s future releases on iOS and Android.

For $0.99, Save Them All places the fate of the world in your hands as you race to save survivors from spaceships, dodge missiles, and all around look incredible cool using “bullet-time” while doing sweet acrobatics. This runner let’s you compete with friends on leaderboards that reset every 24 hours, because that’s how long the world has before it’s all game over.

Mikey Shorts Halloween has a simple goal – save the spirits and collect coins to unlock costumes by sliding, running, and jumping. That’s all there is to it in this free Halloween-themed platforming game.

Pocket Clothier maybe gives you the opportunity of running that dream clothing store in this $3.99 simulation game. Help customers find the outfits for them to get that big spending job that keeps them coming back to your shop, advertise, market, and all around find ways to keep the customers coming back to your successful shop is the goal of the game.

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