Sony delays the launch of redesigned PlayStation Store for North America and Brazil

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The new PlayStation Store was deployed this week in many countries outside of the United States. The update went off without a hitch in some areas, but others ran into some significant problems. For example, the load times in the PlayStation Store were unbearably long, and PlayStation Plus membership statuses weren’t being recognized. Sony doesn’t want those problems to spread, so it decided to hold off on updating the PlayStation Store in North America and Brazil.

Sony hasn’t stated when it expects to resume rolling out the redesigned store. Just know it won’t be on October 23 as originally planned.

In an unrelated note, someone in the comments section of the PlayStation Blog noticed how Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition is listed as free for PlayStation Plus members in the image above. PlayStation Digital Platforms community manager Morgan Haro replied,”Just for show in the picture at this time.” Interesting.

Source [PlayStation Blog]

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