Origin account services confirmed for Electronic Arts’ Wii U games

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Electronic Arts has made an official commitment that its currently-scheduled games (and whatever should come later) will in fact be ready in time for the Wii U launch.

Not like this was a surprise given past rumors, existing multi-platform releases and statements regarding the potential thereof.

As discovered by IGN in reference to the official EA service terms regarding third-party service providers, the rulebook has officially been updated to reflect the upcoming launch of Nintendo’s latest console. Specifically, the updated information states the following:

“If you sign up to play EA games through a Nintendo Wii U console, your Nintendo account information will be provided to EA so that we can establish an Origin Account for you. You need an Origin Account to play EA’s titles online. By signing up to play EA’s titles, you agree that limited user account information can be transferred to EA. Information transferred to EA includes your Mii information, email address, Nintendo Network ID, friend list, country, language and date of birth, but does not include credit card numbers or other financial account information.”

This is hardly a surprise given the past statements, rumors and implementations thereof. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners have already used EA’s latest account system and reports from way back in the rumor mill churn pertaining to the Wii U release had previously mentioned the use of the Origin account system in at least some particular capacity.

What could easily serve as the biggest part of the above information (besides EA’s Origin account services confirmation in itself) pertains to the mention of the Nintendo Network ID system which, if used properly by Nintendo, would effectively kick the friend code system off the road.

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