Skylanders Giants Wii Bundle appears in The Great Big Toys R Us Book

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The holiday 2012 shopping season is the time of Skylanders Giants, which means we should all prepare for over-saturation of everything to do with the series. While the new game, figures, carrying cases and toys were all to be expected, the Skylanders Giants Wii bundle is a bit of a surprise. But there it is, right on page 77 of this year’s Toys R Us Big Toy Book ad, dubbed The Great Big Toys R Us Book.

The Skylanders Giants Wii bundle is a fantastic deal. The standard Wii console price just dropped to $129.99. The Skylanders Giants bundle gives you the Wii and a Skylanders Giants Wii Starter Pack for $149.99. Normally, the Skylanders Giants Starter Pack is $74.99 on its own, so it’s like you’re getting it for $20 in the bundle. It’s a great bundle and I’m sure plenty of people will grab it when its released on November 4, 2012.

In fact, it actually gets better for Skylanders collectors. The Skylanders Giants Starter Pack for consoles normally contains the game, a portal, the Jet Vac and Cynder figures and the Tree Rex giant figure. The Skylanders Giants Wii bundle includes a special variation of Tree Rex called Gnarly Tree Rex. It’s almost identical to the regular version of Tree Rex, but with a different color scheme. It’s like a legendary figure, which means he’s slightly stronger than usual and his in-game counterpart looks slightly different.

Here’s an interesting video game fact about The Great Toys R Us Book for the 2012 shopping season – there’s no PS Vita page. There’s a page with DS and 3DS systems, peripherals and games, a page for the Wii and Wii U, a page for the Xbox 360, PS3 and iOS devices, but no room for the PS Vita. That’s got to hurt Sony.

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