Tales of Hearts goes from the DS to the Vita

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The Vita is off to a shaky start, but it seems like it still has some major players behind it. Namco Bandai, for one. It’s released five games for Sony’s handheld, with more on the way. The most recent announcement, for example, is for Tales of Hearts R, a remake/port of a DS game. It’s getting the same treatment as the previously released Tales of Innocence R.

The whole plot of Tales of Hearts R is a little weird, so bear with me as I explain it. In this entry’s world, there are creatures called Zerom that like to munch on people’s hearts. It’s possible to defeat these enemies though with special weapons called Soma, Even people whose hearts have been attacked can be saved, should someone be able to kind-of enter inside the hearts to fight and cure them. Tales of Hearts R‘s adventure begins when Kohak and her brother Hisui wind up on the island where Shing lives while searching for Soma. Kohak and Shing’s grandpa are attacked by someone and while Shing’s grandfather is killed, Kohak’s heart is pretty much shattered and the pieces scattered around the world. The three, and a number of other people, join together to find the pieces of Kohak’s heart again to restore her emotions and heal her.

Since Tales of Hearts R is a remake, there’s going to be plenty of new content in the Vita version. For example, the NPC Calcedny Arcome will now be a playable character. There will also be plenty of new events, side quests and even an extra arc of the story. The graphics will be vastly improved as well, going from 2D and sprites to a 3D game that doesn’t look all that different from Tales of the Abyss or even Tales of Graces.

We’ve yet to see Tales of Innocence R in North America yet, despite hints that its localization may be a thing. The only thing we can really do is hope for the best and show Namco Bandai we love the Tales series by buying the games and posting on Facebook. On the plus side, Namco Bandai did call dibs on the Tales of Hearts US trademark and Tales of Innocence R DLC was briefly shown in the Vita PlayStation Store back in February 2012. Maybe both games are on their way. We could hear about Tales of Innocence R at any time, but odds are there’ll be no hinting at a Tales of Hearts R announcement until after the Spring 2013 Japanese release date.

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