Just Dance 4 Wii bundle will get you grooving

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There are two new Wii bundles! Even though that system’s on the way out, Nintendo’s still trying to make it appealing for the holiday 2012 shopping season with the Just Dance 4 and Skylanders Giants Wii bundles. Since we already talked up the Skylanders Giants bundle yesterday, let’s focus on the Just Dance 4 bundle today.

The Just Dance 4 Wii bundle is the more basic of the two. It’s very similar to the current $129.99 Wii bundle. It gives you the system, a game and the Wii Remote Plus. However, where the standard bundle includes Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, this Just Dance 4 gives you… Just Dance 4.

Like the Skylanders Giants Wii bundle, the Just Dance 4 Wii bundle debuts on November 4, 2012. With it being $20 cheaper at $129.99, you’d think it’s the better deal. It’s actually not. Skylanders Giants is, since it comes with a special giants figure and the Skylanders Giants Starter Kit that’s normally $75. But, you also have to take into account that while Skylanders isn’t everybody’s “thing,” most people enjoy being goofy and silly with one of the Just Dance games.

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