Review: Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion

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Title: Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion
Price: $2.99
System(s): iPad (Also available on iPhone, Windows, Android, Nook)
Release Date: AUG 30, 2012
Publisher (Developer): G5 Entertainment
ESRB Rating: “Everyone”
Pros: Great story, interesting and fun characters, tons of hidden item puzzles, plenty of levels, hint system and no (annoying) voice acting.
Cons: Not many mini games, interviews happen within the storyline and are not interactive and lackluster music.
Overall Score: One Thumb Up and one Sideways; 89 of 100; B+; * * * 1/2 out of 5.

Carrie Chase is a new detective for the NYPD. It’s only her first day on the job and she is already slammed with a crazy murder mystery involving a dead clothing designer and a serial killer who has an “eye for fashion.”

Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion will have you searching for clues, talking to witnesses, using forensics to find blood and, well, pretty much everything involved with solving a crime. Not bad for a rookie.

If the Size 7 Prada Pumps Fit…

Crime of Fashion is a hidden object game where you search the screen for lots of items. What makes this a bit different is you can also find and use forensic tools to look for things you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. For example you can use a UV light to find blood or a printing kit to find fingerprints. You can also use a flashlight to see inside dark rooms and a magnifying glass for seeing small clues. You eventually find clues that you can use to question suspects and lead you to new areas.

The story is very detailed and intense. You start to see connections and find out that whomever killed your first victim is now killing other people as well. As you search for items you also find clues that give you insight into the killer’s possible identity.

You will have to go to a lot of different locations to find clues. Sometimes you have to go back to the same location to find items you may have missed or to re-question a suspect or witness. As you find more items and question more people you start to get a sense of the larger crime scene.

A Murder Most Fabulous

OK, so you don’t actually get to question people in Crime of Fashion. Instead, the game gives you dialogue of what people said and asks about any clues you found (the game is very linear so you don’t talk to anyone until you find the clue). It would have been fun to ask the questions and show the clues as some sort of mini game.

Speaking of mini games, there are a few in this game where, for example, you find ripped notes or pictures and have to piece them together like a puzzle. Also, there are little puzzles you have to play to open locked doors. I love mini games because they break up the monotony of searching for items although I could have used more in this game. Using the forensic tools does make the game more interesting and helps give it variety.

When using a hint, the area where an item is located is highlighted – making them more hints than answers as happens in some games – so you still have to do a bit of searching. This assists Crime of Fashion in not completely giving away the location and taking away all the challenge. The game also throws in items that look similar to each other to make it harder to find the real item (such as several items that appear to be a CD). This strategy is good if you like a challenge but not good if you simply want to find the item and move on.

There is no voice acting and minimal music. Most levels either have mood music that just sets the tone of the level or keeps you entertained while you search, or sound effects of people working in the background. This usually occurs when you are searching the studio or an office. Voice acting is not always necessary in these types of games so I didn’t really miss having it.

The characters also have unique personalities and seem realistic, though a bit clichéd. You have your ditsy fashion model, your no-nonsense tough-as-nails detective boss and of course, your “I don’t know what you’re talking about!?” suspects. These characters really build on the storyline and make it both more enjoyable and more believable.

A Murderer Hidden in the Mess

Crime of Fashion has a great story, unique and interesting characters, no annoying voice acting and a bit of variety with the use of crime tools and mini games. It also has a TON of hidden item puzzles. If you are a fan of those and don’t mind it being the bulk of the experience, then you will greatly enjoy this game. If you were looking more for an adventure game, then this isn’t the title for you.

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