Wii U Countdown: 24 days and a disappointing delay

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As Jenni Lada reported last week, Pikmin 3 for Wii U has been delayed until spring 2013. Normally delays don’t bother me. I hate waiting for games to be announced, but once they are, you can delay them all you want and I won’t panic. I mean, it’s not like I won’t have anything to play in the meantime, and I do have children I can try to raise if necessary…

But Pikmin 3 looked to be a big deal for the Wii U. It’s the game I pre-ordered even before the Wii U was priced and dated, and I bought Pikmin 2 New Play Control a while back so I could get back into the swing of it. It was fun to be reminded of just how wonderful those games are, and in the kind of story that you don’t care at all bout but that makes middle-aged Republicans cry, I enjoyed watching my eight year old daughter play it now, as she used to watch me play the Game Cube version when she was a toddler. I used Pikmin 2 in place of Baby Einstein, I guess. Sophie may not grow up to attend MIT or compose grand symphonies, but she’s great at picking up trash and recycling it in the nearest space ship, and that’s more than I can say for most people these days.

So anyway, Pikmin 3 was going to be the family game for the Wii U. We all play it and love it, so that was going to be a big draw for the first month or so, especially considering how great it looked at the E3 2012 demo.

So, what now that Pikmin 3 has been delayed? Ninja Gaiden 3? Wipeout 3? Not likely. There are plenty of games hitting on the 18th that look to be “fun for the whole family,” but as anyone who’s part of a family knows, they’re never talking about your family. Maybe they mean that family with the middle-aged Republican who’s always crying at stories about babies. I don’t know.

I’ll take a closer look at the November 18th release lineup in this space tomorrow. Right now, I’m looking back at the Nintendo 3DS launch when the only game that really piqued my interest was Samurai Warriors: Chronicles. Having no experience with that franchise, I took a shot and ended up enjoying the game quite a bit. Having no experience since, I’m now wondering if Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper isn’t the way to go.

Far cry from Pikmin, eh? I think I’m supposed to know who some of those people are, but I don’t. I guess I have time to learn their names, just as I have time to figure out what Wi U game(s) I’ll be pre-ordering, if not this. Unlike the aforementioned 3DS launch, there are quite a few games that could surprise.

None of which, however, will be Pikmin 3.

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