[Update] Majesco Entertainment releases its first smartphone game called Legends of Loot

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Majesco Entertainment is known for publishing games such as Zumba Fitness, Cooking Mama and the recently released NBA Baller Beats. The publisher usually sticks with console games and Nintendo’s handhelds, but it has made the leap onto iOS and Android with the release of Legends of Loot.

Legends of Loot is described as a dungeon crawler that takes place in regions such as Egypt and Asia.  The dungeons in Legends of Loot are filled with puzzles and traps, but there is also a combat system that’s somewhat inspired by Infinity Blade. The one-on-one battles require you to parry, dodge, block and attack in first-person view.

As the title suggests, there is a lot of loot in this game in the form of armor and weapons. Loot can be found in each of the dungeons you visit.

Although Legends of Loot was available to download earlier today, Majesco appears to have pulled it down. When I downloaded it for Android, the game’s icon was titled Maze Craft and it crashed instantly. The download page on Google Play now shows Legends of Loot as being incompatible with all my devices. The iTunes page for the game is also unavailable.

It’s possible Majesco ran into some last minute issues and needs to resubmit Legends of Loot. I’ve seen this kind of thing happen with games before, and sometimes they return the same day. We’ll keep an eye out.

Update: Legends of Loot has emerged once again on Google Play and iTunes. It no longer crashes, and it has a proper icon. It’ll also be available in the Amazon Appstore at some point, but it’s not showing up in search results at this time.

Site [Legends of Loot]

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  • Jack

    Looks like the game is back up. Just downloaded it and it’s pretty fun.