Gameloft releases its latest free-to-play shooter called Zombiewood

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Who’s feeling up for some free-to-play zombie slaying? If that person is you, then perhaps you may be interested in downloading Zombiewood for iOS and Android. Zombiewood is an isometric dual-stick shooter from Gameloft. It takes the widely accepted stance of killing zombies and incorporates it into Hollywood movies. 

Each level is inspired by a particular movie plot. There are 11 movies in all that consist of different scenes. There are specific objectives for each scene as well such as destroying props, finding trophies and killing a specific number of zombies. While you’re doing all this, you’ll be collecting coins and leveling up. The higher your level, the better weapons you can use.

This is where the in-app purchases come into effect. You can purchase some guns with regular currency, but others require premium currency that isn’t given to you very often. The lowest amount of money you can spend on any currency is $1.99.

Performance-wise, I found the framerate of Zombiewood to be less than optimal on the Nexus 7. It never reached unplayable levels, but there’s no technical reason why this game can’t run smoother. Overall first impressions? Not bad.

Download Links [Google Play] [iTunes]

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