Review: Dynaflo Liquid-Armor Invisible Screen Protector

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Product: Dynaflo Liquid-Armor Invisible Screen Protector
Price: $19.99
Two thumbs up, 90/100; A.
: Easy to apply, provides effective protection against dust, smudges and scratches. Only a couple of sprays needed for most applications.
: There was a little bit of a leak during my application. With the bottle this size, that’s not going to be a deal breaker. The Dynaflo wipes will probably be all you need unless you have a lot of stuff to protect.

Cell phones are a necessary convenience nowadays but we don’t always spend the time necessary to take care of them. They get jammed into our pockets alongside car keys, pens, coins and other things guaranteed to smudge and scratch them. I haven’t always been as kind to my phone as I should. Thankfully, the folks at Dynaflo are more understanding.

Liquid-Armor Invisible Screen Protector is for phones, tablets and other glass surfaces. If your device has a glass screen, Liquid-Armor will clean and then protect it. I’ve read the formula can also work on gaming controllers. I used my phone for the purposes of this review.

To begin, you clean the device with the microfiber cloth provided by Dynaflo. Then apply the product. Two sprays is enough for a standard cell phone, four to five sprays handles your tablet or e-reader. You need to leave the device alone for ten (10) minutes after that. It hardens over the next 24 hours. If any streaks remain, you can just take those off with the microfiber cloth.

A single application can last for up to six months. I’ve been using it for a week so far and it has held firm. Some braver reviewers have even taken to scratching their phones or tablets with nails or other implements. I am sufficiently satisfied that it repels the fingerprints of my three children and the sometimes obnoxiously large key chains I acquire.

Only a couple of sprays are necessary for even a big tablet. The bottle should last you quite a while. It’s small, so I recommend storing it in the box. The bottle alone would be easy to misplace if you don’t reach for it in six months’ time. The product also comes in the form of individual wipes, which is a better fit if you’re not looking to protect multiple devices.

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