Review: Pilot Brothers for iOS

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Title: Pilot Brothers (a.k.a. Pilot Brothers HD)
Price: $2.99
System(s): iPhone (Also for iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Nook)
Release Date: October 25, 2012
Publisher (Developer): G5 (ic Wireless)
ESRB Rating: “Everyone”
Pros: Based on a popular Russian cartoon, very silly, funny, great voice acting and jazzy music, you get to do lots of crazy things to solve puzzles, different mini games, comic book-style adventure that is unique and different, two different hint systems.
Cons: Rather challenging, one of the hint systems isn’t that great and not very long.
Overall Score: Two Thumbs Up; 95 of 100; A; * * * * ½ out of 5

Pilot Brothers is a comic book-style adventure game that will have you solving crazy puzzles by doing zany antics. You will encounter interesting characters and interact with tons of items, while possibly getting the brothers injured in the processes. But it’s nothing the dynamic duo isn’t use too.

No, They’re Not Real Pilots

Baldakhin the famous Russian elephant has been kidnapped from the zoo and the main suspect is his former cruel owner, Karbofoss. It’s now up to two detectives, the Pilot Brothers, to find him and bring him home.

Pilot Brothers is an adventure game based on a popular Russian cartoon of the same name. You switch play between the two brothers: Brother Chief who is the brains of the operation and Brother Colleague who is a few grapes short of a fruit salad but never-the-less helpful. Each brother has their own talents and will use items differently so you will need to use both to solve the puzzles.

Pilot Brothers is very silly and you will find yourself doing some rather ridiculous things with the boys. For example, in one scene Bro Colleague has to jump into a kangaroo’s belly to retrieve a key and Bro Chief can only get him out by blowing a tuba and scaring the ‘roo. You also have to put poor Bro Colleague’s live at risk a lot in the game to solve a puzzle, but it’s OK as he doesn’t seem to mind. This game is all about working together so don’t be afraid to try both characters and see how they interact differently to a problem.

This adventure game is played a little differently than other adventure games since it is comic book style. Every screen is it’s own level and you have to solve the main puzzle to move on. In one level, for example, your main goal is to simply cross the street (because every time you try you almost get hit by a car). You have to figure out how to get safely across the street, then you are onto the next screen to solve the puzzle there. You can’t just move to any screen you want and do the puzzles in any order like most adventure games.

Yes, They Are Real Detectives

I Pilot Brothers’ silliness. Some of the puzzles will have you giggling to yourself while others will have you saying, “Huh?” Along with being funny, this game is very challenging. The puzzles are not always logical (in fact they are mostly illogical) and often times you have to try every combination you can think of to beat it. The game is challenging but it not difficult to the point where you want to give up, it’s just hard enough to keep the game fun and interesting.

If it does get too hard for you, though, the game comes equipped with two hint features. A question mark that will give you subtle hints like what items you can interact with or which character you should use, or a film that shows you play by play how to beat the level. The latter should obviously be used as a last resort or else the game will be way too easy. What’s nice about the film is you can stop it after you saw what you needed, that way you aren’t spoiling the whole solution for yourself unless you have to. The question mark hint is not always useful as most of the time it only points out what you can interact with, I would like it better if it gave you a bit more detail, like what item to use on something.

Pilot Brothers also has lots of mini games like trying to align all the pieces in a row to break open a lock and chasing a monkey around a maze. It’s also fun to see how the two use items and interact with objects differently. If a brother can’t interact with an object then it will say, “I don’t understand?” or do a little character quirk. After awhile you will start to realize which brother you should use for with task.

There is great silly Russian voice acting in the game too as well as jazzy upbeat music that makes the game livelier (as if it needs to be!) It’s nice to have fun background music in a game like this to help set the goofy tone of the game.

Makes Me Want to Watch the Cartoon

Pilot Brothers is funny, crazy and very different than most games you have played. You will be performing crazy stunts and antics and working with some fun and ridiculous characters. My only complaint would be that it was a bit too challenging in parts and the hint system isn’t as detailed as I would like.

If you are a fan of adventure games and are looking for something different, and a few laughs, than Pilot Brothers is the game for you.

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