Nintendo CEO claims Wii online for more than FPSes

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The folks at GamePro published an interview with Nintendo of America president and CEO Reggie Fils-Aime. In the interview Fils-Aime discussed everything from Wii supply challenges to Blue Ocean Strategy.

The CEO was optimistic about Wii Online’s competitiveness in today’s market. Fils-Aime pushes the envelope in defining its target audience and explains that games such as Mario Cart and Smash Bros fall into the list of games that appeal to the hardcore gamer, right alongside and in the same category as Metroid Prime 3.

In addition, when asked what he sees in the future for video games Fils-Aime responded:

“The future looks like this: More and more consumers playing video games world wide. A vastly different profile that the typical – call him 20-year-old – male today. And in that view our devices the Wii and the DS are truly devices that people will use every day, all consumers in the household. That’s our view of the future.”

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