GTA 3 and Chinatown Wars reduced to $0.99 for iOS and Android

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Fresh off its announcement that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will be coming to Android and iOS in the near future, Rockstar has dropped the price of GTA 3 and GTA Chinatown Wars (iOS only) to $0.99. 

This price drop is for a limited time. Even if you don’t have an immediate intention to play these games, there’s no beating this price. GTA Chinatown Wars is also a very unique GTA game that didn’t really get the praise it deserved.

Here’s a little advice for Nexus 7 owners that want to download GTA 3. There is a weird bug that causes the game to not have any audio for some people. This bug is apparently fixed by not touching the Nexus 7 screen after it begins downloading additional files. You also have to make sure the screen doesn’t turn off automatically by setting the screen timeout option to 30 minutes. If you need more time than that to download all the necessary files, just press the volume button to reset the clock.

Download Links [Google Play] [iTunes] (GTA 3) [iTunes] (Chinatown Wars)

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