Tower Raiders 3 for Android is looking good in beta form

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I’m always trying to find a good tower defense game for Android. There are a lot out there, but every now and then a tower defense game comes along and really grabs my attention. Tower Raiders 3 is one of those games. You can download the beta from Google Play for free.

Some basic tower defense elements are present in Tower Raiders 3. Raiders come along in waves and your towers have to take them out before they do too much damage. Here’s where things get a little more interesting. People are the resource you’re trying to protect. These people also happen to be the only way for you to collect resources to build and power up your towers. If they’re captured by Raiders, they’ll be carried back to the beginning of the stage unless you free them along the way. Freeing them is either done by killing their captures with towers, or by calling in a strike team to clean house. Gianormous Games also added a personal touch by letting make your Facebook friends in-game characters.

Tower Raiders 3 uses credits as in-game currency. You can use those credits to buy new towers, buff existing towers and unlock different stages. Playing the same levels isn’t necessarily mundane because you can choose from two gameplay modes (campaign and horde) and different mission types such as siege, skulls and coverfire.

Keep in mind that Tower Raiders 3 is still in beta, so there’s no guarantee you won’t experience any issues. That’s still no reason to not give this game a try.

Download Link [Google Play]

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