Nintendo won’t charge Animal Crossing: New Leaf players for DLC

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News flash! Nintendo isn’t all about the paid DLC now, even though it has the perfect opportunity to really dive into the deep end of the pool. It has announced that it will not be exploiting Animal Crossing: New Leaf players. The 3DS game will have no paid DLC. It will have some free DLC, sure, but Nintendo will not create special items or furniture sets that will only be available to people willing to spend an additional $1, $5 or $10 on the game.

This news isn’t surprising, even with the shift to make paid DLC fit within the worlds of New Super Mario Bros. and Fire Emblem. Nintendo started a tradition of free Animal Crossing DLC with Animal Crossing: City Folk on the Wii. The fanbase would be quite displeased if it started charging for little knick-nacks now. Moreover, paid DLC would break the game. I mean, one of the goals of Animal Crossing is to save up enough in-game money to furnish your home however you’d like. If Nintendo did something like selling 10,000 bells (AC currency) for $1 or provided custom, real-cash furniture sets, then there’s no no reason to play the game!

Exactly what kind of DLC Animal Crossing: New Leaf players can expect is a mystery and will remain one for a few weeks. The game will debut in Japan on November 8, 2012 and it’ll probably be another week or so before the first free DLC item shows up. Japan may not even see the first freebies until Christmas. People in other regions will have to wait even longer, as it’s appearing worldwide in 2013.

I’m really surprised at this news and proud of Nintendo. I fully expected it to do with Animal Crossing what EA has done with The Sims 3. I was sure we’d see downloadable expansions and an online shop with new clothing/furniture/accessories. Kudos to you Nintendo, for being better than that!

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