The Indie Royale Halloween Bundle actually fits the season

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Here’s a good example of developers and bundle people getting into the Halloween spirit. The Indie Royale bundle people have The Halloween Bundle available until November 1, 2012. It’s one of those additional bundles that sprung up after the Humble Indie Bundle got so famous. It has a similar premise, only you aren’t guaranteed Windows/Mac/Linux versions of each game, another bunch of awesome bonus games isn’t added at the halfway point, you often have to pay extra for soundtrack(s) and the money doesn’t go to charity.

You get five games with the Indie Royale Halloween Bundle. EvilQuest (Windows), Home (Windows), MacGuffin’s Curse (Windows, Mac), Pathologic (Windows) and Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse (Windows, Mac) are all included. You are always guaranteed a DRM-free direct download of the game, but you only also get Steam or Desura codes if the games are available on either store. There’s also only one incentive and it’s the soundtrack for Home. While this would have been automatically included with a Humble Indie Bundle… bundle, you have to spend at least $8 on the Indie Royale Halloween Bundle to get it. There’s also a top buyer award where the person who spends the most money on this bundle gets a physical copy of the Home collector’s edition that is autographed and includes a box, manual, map and a few “artifacts” like a floppy disk.

Now, the Indie Royale bundle has a twist. The price you have to pay is pretty much always going up. The more people buy it, the more you have to spend. The thing is, if someone comes along and spends more than the minimum price, then the minimum price goes down for everyone.

As nice as this Indie Royale Halloween Bundle is, it only reminds me how much better the Humble Indie Bundles are. I hope we see another one of those before Christmas – I’d buy a couple of them to give as stocking stuffers.

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