Miiverse (finally) kills friend codes, will support direct player pairing

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It took Miiverse and the Wii U to do it but friend codes are finally dead.

Announced during an investor Q&A session, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata described the company’s social gaming interface as an empathetic, socially-driven community that will also support direct player pairing straight from the Miiverse interface.

According to Iwata, “As there are many excellent but buried games in the world, and you must be impressed by some of them, the important mission of Miiverse is to create opportunities to let you know about such games without spending our finite advertising budget on it.”

In other words, players can share details and information about whatever games build interest for them, whether it’s popular series’ like Super Mario Bros. or The Legend of Zelda, or something that would normally be stuck “under the radar,” or at least in a manner of speaking.

Iwata added, “As Miiverse is not confined to dedicated gaming platforms and will be available on smart devices in the near future, we hope that, even on a train where many people are using smart devices, you will know how your gaming friends are enjoying their games.”

Since we already know that Miiverse data eventually will be available via Wii U, 3DS and internet-based services combined from all the way back at E3, this latest development means that Wii U owners will be unbounded when it comes to player-to-player interaction, unlike the more restrictive interactions from past Nintendo systems when it comes to online functionality.

More information will be available soon via an upcoming Nintendo Direct presentation, when everything will finally be laid out in regard to Nintendo’s online strategy for the Wii U console.

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