Dragon Quest VII is coming to the 3DS

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Here’s some good news for all those DS owners who loved getting the remakes of Dragon Quest IV, V and VI. It looks like Dragon Quest VII could be headed our way as well. Jump magazine in Japan has just announced that the PlayStation game Dragon Quest VII is getting a remake too. Only this time, it’d getting the 3DS treatment.

Dragon Quest VII is one of the biggest games and has a pretty fun story. The hero, a young man on Estard Island, and his best friend Kiefer, the prince of Estard, find a map that shows the world was much bigger in the past. In the present, there’s only one island called Estard. So the hero and Kiefer do some time traveling to restore the world and save all of the continents that were destroyed, making lots of friends along the way naturally. If you save the past civilizations and countries, the present becomes a better place.

We don’t know which developer is doing the remake yet or what kinds of special extras we can look forward to. The only confirmed addition is a StreetPass bonus. People can exchange lithographs if they’ve both been playing Dragon Quest VII and pass one another. Let’s hope these lithographs actually do something, like the treasure maps in Dragon Quest IX, and aren’t just in the game to look pretty.

The question now is, will we get it? I’m going to say yes. Square Enix and Nintendo made sure Dragon Quest IV, V, VI and IX made it to DS systems worldwide. I don’t see why the same wouldn’t happen with Dragon Quest VII. This is especially true since we actually did see Dragon Quest VII released in North America in 2001. I’d say we’re due.

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