Disney plans to concentrate on mobile and social Star Wars games

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On Tuesday afternoon, Disney announced it’s going to buy Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion. This essentially makes Disney the new owner of the Star Wars franchise. Disney is going to squeeze as much money as it can out of the franchise through whatever means it can. For the gaming crowd, Disney decided mobile Star Wars games are the way to go.

Disney CEO Bob Iger briefly touched on gaming during a conference call. Iger said Disney is more likely to stick to mobile and social games as it pertains to the Star Wars franchise. Console and PC games are still a possibility, but Disney would prefer to license those games instead of making them in-house. Considering the response the public had to previous Star Wars games such as The Old Republic and The Force Unleashed 2, we can understand Disney’s position. However, the console release of Star Wars 1313 is not going to be impacted by Disney’s acquisition.

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