Spend your Halloween hunting for objects in The Magician’s Handbook and Paranormal Agency

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Well kids it’s Halloween and I’m sure by now you are tired of eating candy and carving pumpkins. OK, so maybe not but don’t forget there is more to Halloween then candy, there is also video games! So put on your scariest costume, sit done in a comfy chair, grab your closest handheld device, and start playing some fun and spooky hidden item games!

Starting Oct. 29 and ending Nov. 2 2012, G5 is offering two great Hidden Item games for 80% off the cover price. You can pick up either The Magician’s Handbook: Cursed Valley or Paranormal Agency. Both titles are offered for 99¢ on iPhone, Google Play, Kindle Fire, and Nook and only $1.99 on iPad and Mac.

These fun games deal with wicked creatures and creepy locations, which makes them both perfect for Halloween. In The Magician’s Handbook: Cursed Valley, you’re a wizard trying to break a curse on a valley. Paranormal Agency follows a psychic detective named Heather Mills who’s dealing with evil ghosts. Looks like both are setting up supernatural situations!

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