Anna courts Mac gamers on November 9, 2012

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The otherworldly and spooky Anna isn’t going to make it in time to play with Mac owners this Halloween. No, for some reason Kalypso Media thought it would be better if Dreampainters’ Anna didn’t frolick with all of the other scary games on Halloween. Instead, it’s decided to make her entrance more fashionable.

Anna is set in Italy and your character is a person haunted by something. What, we don’t exactly know. You only come to realize what’s going on and how supernatural it is once you start playing the game. All you know is that you’re at an Italian sawmill, your character is not a sane individual and something Very Bad happened. What you do determines what you learn. Those who want the whole story will have to play three times in the hopes of unlocking all three endings.

As expected, a new Anna release means a new trailer. It is a live action, “found footage” video that shows the actual location Dreampainters used as inspiration for Anna. Stick around until the end for a moment of creepiness.

If Mac gamers are interested in seeing how scary, or even good, the indie adventure Anna is, they only have to wait about a week. It will appear online on November 9, 2012. Like it’s Windows counterpart, it will cost $9.99.

Those of you do aren’t Mac gamers, or perhaps have both Windows and Mac computers at home, don’t have to wait until November 9, 2012. In fact, it’d actually be better for you if you’d buy Anna right now. It’s part of the Halloween 2012 Steam Sale. You can experience it’s otherworldly tale for $4.99 instead of $9.99 until November 1, 2012.

It’s a fitting price, considering the game has an overall Metacritic score of 55/100. Basically, people love it or hate it. I’ve heard more negative comments than positive, mostly dealing with the control scheme, glitches and script, but I haven’t actually played it so I’m not the best judge. If you grab it while it’s on sale for $5, it’ll be a lot easier to tolerate and enjoy.

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