Ouya developer guidelines outline required gaming features

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News regarding Ouya hasn’t been as frequent since its Kickstarter campaign wrapped up, but the Android console is still on track to release on time. On Wednesday, Ouya provided an update on the console’s production status and provided developers with guidelines for making Ouya games. These guidelines provide a good idea on the kind of functionality we can expect to see in Ouya games.

Ouya told developers to make sure all games are 100% compatible with the Ouya controller. This is important since developers will surely bring over ports of existing Android games. Touch-heavy games will also need to be coded in a way to adhere to the Ouya’s single touch trackpad. Developers also have to code their games to use Ouya’s system button instead of the traditional back and menu buttons found in Android games for smartphones and tablets.

Ouya won’t be set up for multitasking either. Only one game will run at a time. Ouya’s Tegra 3 processor can certainly handle multitasking, but Ouya wants to make sure every game takes full advantage of the system’s resources.

Things appear to be coming along nicely for Ouya. It has a lot to live up to considering how successful its Kickstarter turned out. Within a few months, we’ll know if it was all worth it.

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