[Update] Amazon Game Studios expands to mobile with Air Patriots

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Back in August, Amazon Game Studios released its first game called Living Classics on Facebook. Today, the studio’s latest game called Air Patriots was released for Android and iOS. The Android versions are available from Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. There are also specific versions for the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD.

Air Patriots is a hybrid between a tower defense game and Flight Control. You are given a selection of planes, and you have to take down tanks that roll in straight lines on the ground. You have to drag each of your planes towards the tanks to begin the attack. Basically, instead of setting stationary towers, you are plotting an attack path for your planes to take. Unlike Flight Control, your planes won’t explode if they crash into each other.

Air Patriots is free, but it’ll cost $2.99 to unlock all the maps. You’ll be able to check out a couple maps by redeeming the in-game currency (gears) pretty early on.

Oddly enough, Air Patriots is not compatible with the Nexus 7. There’s no technical reason for this, so we’re inclined to believe Amazon wants this game to be experienced on its relatively new 7-inch tablet and not Google’s.

Update: Air Patriots has been updated with Nexus 7 support.

Download Links [Google Play] [Amazon Appstore] [iTunes]

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