Akaneiro: Demon Hunters begins closed beta testing

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Spicy Horse Games has issued the first 5,000 closed beta keys for its upcoming free-to-play dungeon crawler Akaneiro: Demon Hunters. In its current state, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters is playable in a web browser that doesn’t require any downloads. After some of the major bugs have been ironed out, an Android version may be released as well.

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters can be described as a cell shaded Diablo that takes place in 19th century Japan. You play as one of three character classes who are a part of the Order of Akane. Basically, you’re a demon hunter. As a demon hunter, you’ll be running around and killing demons and possessed animals. There’s plenty of loot to collect, experience to gain and skills to learn.

Since Akaneiro: Demon Hunters is still in early beta, there are many things that will be tweaked, fixed and expanded upon. Based on my experience with this game so far, I will definitely continue playing.

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