You can only get the pink and white 3DS XL in bundles at Gilt

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Do you live in North America and want a pink and white 3DS XL? Good news! You can get one. Nintendo stealthily teamed up with Gilt for two limited edition bundles. There wasn’t even a press release or announcement, which is crazy because you’d think Nintendo, Gilt or both would have wanted people to know these bundles existed.

As I’ve mentioned, there are two pink and white 3DS XL bundles and they’re pretty similar. Both include the system. Both cost $219.99. The only thing that sets them apart is one comes with Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask and the other comes with Style Savvy: Trendsetters. I’m pretty sure you know now who the target audience is for this promotion. (Hint – It’s woman and girls!)

Gilt is a membership-only online store. Apparently, membership is now free though, so that’s something. After you make an account, you can buy one (or both) of the bundles. I’d do it quickly though if you’re truly interested, as these are both limited edition 3DS XL bundles.

I’d recommend going with the Style Savvy: Trendsetters bundle if you’re looking for advice. I received that game as an early birthday gift and it’s fantastic. I’ve played it every day since I got it last Friday. It’s just such an amazing shop simulator game.

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