iPhone and iPod Touch gaming update for November 5, 2012

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As we enter the month of November (2012), many people think of Thanksgiving. Most people think of Black Friday and the crazy sales stores will have on their products.

Apple is not such a store.

Sure they chop off a small portion of the price for a certain product but it’s safe to say they still will be charging roughly 95 percent of the total.

What you can save on however is gaming apps. Every year around Black Friday time apps get price cut like a small mercy on your wallet. While this week’s games are of some premium quality, if you don’t see anything you immediately have to have, don’t feel bad about saving those pennies for the holiday sale rush.

Borderlands Legends brings the planet of Pandora to the palm of your hands and all you had to do is spend $4.99. Choose from the first cast of Borderlands characters and take on randomly generated quests, pick up new weapons, use powers and even Fight for Life. It’s like the first game only tiny and on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Need for Speed Most Wanted throws you into the driver’s seat of 35 customizable cars as you outrun cops and other drivers to reach the top. Getting there comes at a price of $6.99, however, but there is real-time car damage.

Wreck-it Ralph offers $0.99 iOS gamers the opportunity to play three arcade games based on the movie. Fix-it Felix Jr., Hero’s Duty (pictured above) and Sweet Climber all are waiting for your high score dominance.

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