iPad gaming update for November 5, 2012

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If I had to guess, I would say that at the time of writing this, the iPad Mini and iPad fourth generation were arriving on giddy customers doorsteps. If you are one of those people that received one, congrats. Now here’s something to play on those shiny new devices:

Galactic Phantasy Prelude is a $0.99 sandbox adventure game where you get to become a space pirate and amass wealth and an army to take back your home planet. If you haven’t clicked download yet, you should know that the game is packed with hundreds of mission, 46 customizable ships, allows you make your own choices, and has Facebook and Game Center support.

Borderlands Legends HD is Borderlands Legends only with more eye melting graphics and a $6.99 price tag. You get to choose from the cast of the first Borderlands game and take on randomly generated missions, pick up randomly generated weapons and use cover and Fight for Life game mechanics.

Sage Fusion is a $2.99 visual novel space drama role-playing game where two sets of stories eventually meet. A wealthy businessman and his bodyguard just arrive in the city looking for something. Elsewhere, two spies are tasked with infiltrating a church to find answers. As you progress the mystery of inside the futuristic city of Capistad becomes unraveled. It features straightforward turn-based RPG mechanics with the story being the main draw of the game.

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