See how Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition turned out on November 28, 2012

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Lovers of classic PC RPGs won’t have to wait much longer to return to Faerun. Overhaul Games has been working overtime to make sure Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition gets to your computers, smartphones and tablets as soon as possible. How soon? You’ll be able to use it to relax after recovering from Thanksgiving and the Black Friday shopping rush, if you’re lucky. Creative Director Trent Oster sent out a tweet saying November 28, 2012 should hopefully be the release date.

As Oster mentioned in his tweet, November 28, 2012 is just a goal. It isn’t a certainty. That should be the 100% for sure release date for both Windows PCs. It might not be exactly that day for the Mac, iOS and Android versions though. With Windows it’s a smidge easier to get a game released. With Android, iOS and Mac, Overhaul Games has to go and get approval from Apple and Google before it appears in iTunes and Google Play.

It’s best to be positive. Let’s believe we all really will see Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition before November ends. It’s be a nice surprise if it ended up available everywhere before the initial release estimate of November 30, 2012.

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is, naturally, a remake of the 1998 release Baldur’s Gate and its ensuing Tales of the Sword Coast expansion. It will have lots of new content, like new characters, new equipment, extra quests and sidequests, future DLC and the ability to mod the game.

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