PixelJunk 1-6 is Q-Games next PC game

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There’s a new PixelJunk game in the works! This is fantastic news, as they’re always very stylish and entertaining endeavors. Q-Games hasn’t let us down yet. The news gets even better, as this new PixelJunk, at the moment dubbed PixelJunk 1-6 will start as a Windows exclusive. It’s in development and hopefully, some day soon, we’ll see it on Steam.

Right now, we don’t have many details about PixelJunk 1-6. We do have the screenshot featured above. Let’s take a closer look at it. That blue guy with a sword attacking the monster in the center of the screen looks like it could be the player character. Perhaps this is going to be a platformer? Since PixelJunk 1-6 is likely a placeholder name, perhaps it really will become PixelJunk Platformer. I could only hope. We also know is going to offer four player cooperative multiplayer and support gamepads. Those are definite pluses.

Aside from being neat just because it’s a new PixelJunk game, PixelJunk 1-6 is unique for another reason. This is the first time Q-Games is going to have a special website up so people can follow along and get all kinds of neat insights while the developer makes the game. You can follow along and watch as PixelJunk 1-6 turns into a polished, finished product.

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