Don’t Starve begins alpha testing on Steam

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Klei Entertainment’s survival simulation game Don’t Starve is nearing its public release on Steam. There’s no solid release date at the moment, but alpha testing on Steam recently recently started. If you’ve pre-purchased Don’t Starve, or was given the game for being an early beta tester, you can claim your Steam key right now.

To access your key, you have to start up Don’t Starve within Google Chrome as always. From there, head to the options menu and request your Chrome key. Once you get that key, you can redeem it within the options menu for a Steam key.

Don’t Starve has undergone many updates since we last wrote about it on GamerTell. Some key changes allow you to choose where structures are placed, and you automatically equip any tools you craft. Klei has also added new creatures and items you can craft. The game is certainly getting better with each update.

Source [Klei Entertainment]

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