Toys R Us November 4-10, 2012 ad discounts board games and video games

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Good morning everyone! The holiday shopping season is upon us, which means we can look forward to seeing some really good sale ads in the coming weeks. Toys R Us is kicking things off with a pretty nice sale ad for November 4-10, 2012. It’s main focus this week is board games. Like, you can get Toy Story 3 Memory for $1. Lots of other new and old classics are also on sale. Most importantly, if you spend over $35 on Hasbro board games, you get a $10 Toys R Us gift card and if you spend over $50, you get a $15 gift card. If board games aren’t your thing, then read on because there are iOS, tablet, 3DS and Xbox 360 deals too.

Let’s start with a custom bundle, since Toys R Us has one. You can put together your own 16GB iPod Touch bundle this week. You pick a black or white iPod Touch, any in-stock iPod Touch case, grab the PowerBlock wall charger and a Zagg screen shield screen protector. You then pay $244.96 for everything instead of $274.96. Also, since any iPod Touch purchase comes with a $10 Toys R Us gift card, you also get that too. If an iPod Touch is too much for you, you can also get an 8GB iPod Nano for $99.99 this week instead of 129.99.

Three Android tablets are on sale as well, for people who don’t like Apple. You can get a Lexibook 7″ Junior Tablet for $129.99. That’s a child’s tablet with easy controls, some kiddie apps and parental control features. For adults and teens, there are a 4GB 8″ Coby Kyros tablet for $129.99 and a 4GB 9.7″ Archos tablet for $199.99.

From there, let’s move onto the two Skylanders deals. This is the last week the buy one, get one 40% off Skylanders single character deal will be in effect. So if you want to stock up on figures for yourself or someone else, grab those now. There’s also a deal on the 3DS and Wii Skylander Giants Starter Packs. If you pay $74.99 for one of those, you can grab a Skylanders Giants Battle Pack with three figures for $6.24. That’s a 75% discount on the Battle Pack and means you’re getting three figures for the price of less than one.

Let’s move onto systems and start with the 3DS. If you buy one, you get a free $9.99 case to go with it. There’s also a two for $40 deal in effect that includes 20 recent DS and 3DS releases. This means you can stock up on kids games to give as gifts next month. Here’s what’s available for this deal.

  • The Amazing Spider-Man (3DS)
  • Angry Birds Trilogy (3DS)
  • Big Time Rush: Backstage Pass (DS)
  • Bratz Fashion (DS)
  • Disney Princess (3DS)
  • Imagine Babyz (3DS)
  • Imagine Fashion Life (3DS)
  • LaLaLoopsy Carnival Friends (DS)
  • Lego Batman 2 (3DS)
  • Lego Lord of the Rings (3DS)
  • Monster 4×4 3D (3DS)
  • Moshi Monsters: Moshling Theme Park (3DS)
  • PopTropica Adventures (DS)
  • Rayman Origins (3DS)
  • Thundercats (DS)
  • Transformers Prime: The Game (3DS)
  • The Trash Pack (DS)
  • Winx Club Magical Fairy Party (DS)
  • Wipeout 3 (3DS)
  • Wreck-It Ralph (3DS)

Remember, you have to buy two if you only want to pay $40.

If you want Xbox 360 games, there are some deals as well. The major one is you can get Halo 4 and a 13 month Xbox Live Gold subscription card for $99.98 if you buy them at the same time. Purchased separately, they’re $59.99 each. Also, all Halo figures and vehicles are 25% off. On top of that, there’s a game and gift card deal. If you buy one of the $59.99 Xbox 360 games listed below, you get a $10 Toys R Us gift card. Buy two, and you get a $40 gift card.

  • 007 Legends
  • Assassin’s Creed III
  • Borderlands 2
  • FIFA
  • Madden 13
  • Medal of Honor Warfighter
  • NASCAR the Game: Inside Line
  • NBA 2K13
  • NBA Baller Beats
  • NHL 13
  • Rocksmith
  • WWE 13

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