Three million iPads sold this past weekend

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Just because it’s priced more than its Android-based competition doesn’t make the iPad Mini a complete train wreck.

In fact, the results are more like the polar opposite. Plus, when considered alongside the sales figures of the fourth-generation iPad you might say that whatever culture-shock resulting from this year’s double-refresh of the product line has not affected the sales figures themselves.

And speaking of those sales figures, we can now officially say that both of Apple’s latest iPad products have crossed the sum of 3 million units over the past weekend.

Compare this to the launch of the iPad 3, though, and it gets a bit more interesting. Back in that situation, approximately 1.5 million units were sold per configuration for yet another total of three million (counting both the Wi-Fi and 4G models, of course). As for the iPad Mini, good luck finding one right now: It’s most likely going to be listed as “sold out” for quite some time.

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