Free Battlefield 1942 for all on Origin

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EA has decided to celebrate the Battlefield series’ 10th anniversary in a way we didn’t expect. It’s decided to give people a free game. In honor of the series managing to stick around this long, we’re getting Battlefield 1942 for free. It’s not a bad deal, because even though this is a ten year old game it can still sell for as much as $19.99.

There is only one tiny hitch to this deal, and it isn’t that it’s only available to Windows PC owners. It’s that people who want to claim it have to use Origin. EA is giving away free downloads of Battlefield 1942, so you first have to make an Origin account and download the Origin client before you can call dibs on the game. So maybe it’s not so much EA being generous as EA hoping to get more people downloading and using Origin.

You have plenty of time to decide if a free copy of Battlefield 1942 is worth adding Origin to your life. The game will be free for a while. As long as you claim a copy before March 1, 2013, you’re good.

If you already have Origin, go ahead and claim it. Even if you never play, might as well call dibs. A free game is a free game, even if you aren’t a fan of shooters.

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