Next Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer coming next week

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Grand Theft Auto fans waiting for a preview of the series’ next entry will still be waiting just a bit longer, thanks to Hurricane Sandy and the recovery process. The good news is that by “just a bit longer,” such wait is now only until next week or, more specifically, until November 14 (2012). That’s when Rockstar Games will finally be releasing the storm-delayed second trailer for the upcoming numbered GTA sequel. You can probably expect that the extra prep time will be worth the delay, of course, but at least we now know when it will finally come out.

This is a relatively quick turn of events given the unfortunate circumstances. In fact, back when I started this post I was originally going to say that the latest official word was that the trailer was delayed, with a spokesperson having only said that power lines weren’t even up and running in Rockstar’s neighborhood yet. Thankfully enough, this is no longer the case (and that what I started with had already been out there since over the past weekend, anyway). We have literally gone from “delay” to “definitive date” in a matter of days. Hopefully this will be enough to get you pumped for GTA V when it releases early next year.

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