Wii U Countdown: 12 days, and a trip back to Trine

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We’re now less that two weeks away from the launch of the Wii U. Are you starting to feel it? I’m not. Not yet. Too much to cover between now and then. And although most of that has me looking forward, one game has me looking back to March of this year when I reviewed Trine 2 for OS X.

In that review, I stated, “The high definition visuals are better than ever, where it seems the developers poured over every dimly lit corner and every lush backdrop to make sure there’s something worth seeing. There were at least a dozen times when I had to pause the action in the game just to take in the scenery.”

Trine 2

And that’s why I’m really looking forward to the Wii U version. As great as the monitor on my 27″ iMac is, it’s not a 42″ 1080p Samsung television. And as comfortable as my computer desk chair is, it’s not the sofa. And as much as I enjoyed playing the online multiplayer version with a couple other Appletell writers, they weren’t there with me.

Trine 2—from the good folks (and fellow hockey fans) at Frozenbyte Software—is as much fun to look at as it is to play. The game is a fantastic balance of action and phsyics based puzzles, as you manipulate your environment and use the various abilities of the three heroes: Pontius the knight, Amadeus the thief, and Zoya the wizard. As I mentioned in my review…

The knight is the brawler, the thief is an expert with arrows and a grappling hook, and the wizard can conjure boxes and make objects levitate. Although there are elements in the game where you may need one or another to progress, the real brilliance of Trine 2 is that most puzzles can be overcome by whatever hero you’re using. You can pick your favorite and pretty much solve things your own way using the environment around you.

The great thing about the Wii U, though, is that it’s designed so that you won’t have to pick. As I mentioned, taking Trine 2 from the computer screen to the TV places it in front of everyone, and others will want to join in (unless they’re like my daughter who found the game so pretty she was content to just watch me play it).

Trine 2

At the end of my review, I called for an iOS version because of how amazing the game would look on a Retina display. Frozenbyte has done us better by bringing it to the Wii U. No matter what boxed games I pick up with the system on the 18th, I’ll also be downloading Trine 2 the moment it’s available. I’ve played and beaten it once, but I haven’t played it like this.

And I have a feeling that as friends and family come over and want to check out the new system, Trine 2 will be the game we actually sit to play.

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