Grand Theft Auto V pre-orders now available everywhere

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Grand Theft Auto V has finally been established and is slowly coming together. Also, thanks to Rockstar’s quick thinking, it’s becoming more real with the game’s pre-order deals  becoming available worldwide.

There are plenty of pre-order deals in local shops but, for those of you who aren’t looking to stand in line at a retail store to place your order, Rockstar has included links for several pre-order deals at several well-known retail sites. These can all be found on Rockstar’s Newswire page on its official site.

Rockstar also intended on releasing the game’s second trailer but, due to Hurricane Sandy, the trailer will be delayed until Wednesday, November 14, 2012. More information will be revealed along with Game Informer’s cover story. Until then, Rockstar has made more of the games official artwork available on their download page.

Rockstar also expects to release the game spring of next year (2013).

The game is still a mystery as far as the narrative goes but, with the game slowly coming together, it definitely sounds like it will have the biting commentary and a morally ambiguous main character typical of a Grand Theft Auto game.

Here’s to having more fun committing interactive crimes.

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